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Monthly Mahākāla practice

Friday, November 29, from 5:00 to 6:30pm

Description:  In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the dharma protectors (dharmapala) are part of the three roots (guru, yidam and dharmapala) and are considered to be the inner refuge — the outer refuge being the three jewels (buddha, dharma and sangha) and the secret refuge being the three bodies (trikaya) of a buddha. The guru is considered to be the root of blessings, the yidam the root of siddhis or attainments, whereas the dharmapala is the root of activities (of buddhas and bodhisattvas), i.e., the activities of pacifying (suffering, illness, and so on), increasing (long life, health, merit, and wealth), magnetizing (a retinue) and  wrathful activity (eliminating obstacles, negative forces, and so on).

Mahakala Pernakchen (“great black-gowned one”) is the main protector of the Karmapas. He symbolizes the wrathful manifestation which appears naturally from the dharmakāya, through its own power. He has two arms which stand for prajña (wisdom) and upaya (skillful means).

Who can attend: Three year retreat practitioners, and whoever has received the reading transmission and practice instructions for the sadhana.

Contact: kccl.contact@gmail.com; 902-576-3655.