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Completion stage practices

Wednesday, April 29, from 7:00–8:30pm

7:00pm (Nova Scotia Time) = 6:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time

Description: We will continue our discussion of the completion stage practice following Lodrö Thaye’s seminal text of Creation and Completion, which will also cover the important sections of the first chapter of Rangjung Dorje’s Profound Inner Meaning.

The set-up for attending the class: If you would want to join the class, pleas, this is still possible. The requirements are having formally received the pointing out instruction from a qualified master.
If you have not already previously participated in this class, please contact us: kccl.contact@gmail.com, but specify when and with whom you have received the pointing out instruction.
The link for the class will be the same as for the first two classes. If you lost track of this link, let us know and we will then email to you the URL which will allow you to join the class by simply clicking on this URL link.
Whether or not there will be an additional step based on the new Zoom security recommendations, we will let you know if so.

Suggested contribution: $5 for each class.