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Chakrasamvara Online Feast
Saturday, May 2, 2pm (Halifax time)

Please join us for an online Chakrasamvara feast practice which is open to sadhakas who have received the Chakrasamvara abhisheka. We expect this feast to run for 4 to 4  ½ hours.   We will include the self-abhisheka but will abbreviate other parts of the sadhana as we have done before.

On this occasion, KCCL will host the roles of the loppon, umdze and choppon and the view of our shrine room. You can also relate with your own home shrines, and prepare whatever feast food you would like.

At this time, this online practice is mainly arranged for the local Nova Scotia sangha; however if you have friends in the wider sangha world who wish to join in, please share the zoom link with them.

As for the zoom link, please contact us: kccl.contact@gmail.com.