Our Activities in 2020

  • We held the fourth annual Vajrayogini druppa
  • We conducted the traditional monastic retreat (Yarne)
  • Lodrö Sangpo taught various online courses (often co-hosted by OCEAN): “Creation and Completion”, “Abhidharma in the Context of Practice”, “The Aspiration Prayer of Samantabhadra”, “Vajrayogini in a Nutshell”, “The Five Wisdoms in meditation and post meditation”, etc.
  • He gave talks on momentariness to the San Francisco Shambhala center
  • We have hosted various on-line Vajrayogini and Chakrasamvara feasts
  • The big deck behind the present property in Fall River allowed us to invite people to join us safely for shamatha practice and feasts
  • We’ve conducted several lhasangs in our Buddha garden
  • 12 people successfully completed phase 1 of our “Shamatha meditation instructor training”
  • Around 10 people came to do a solitary or in-house retreat at KCCL.

Planned Activities in 2021

In general, we hope that with the COVID vaccines things will gradually return to what used to be “normal”, i.e., meet with people in person and practice together at feasts, etc. Once KCCL has moved to Halifax, we hope to welcome an increased number of people to join us in daily practices.  — Online gatherings will likely also continue since they allow more people to join in.

And yes, we are of course eager to have our lineage teachers come again to Halifax and teach.

  • We will therefore “refresh” our invitations to Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche and Dzogchen Pönlop Rinpoche
  • We will continue our efforts to bring HH Karmapa to Halifax
  • The third yearly monastic retreat (Yarne) will begin later January
  • Our annual Vajrayogini Druppa will be scheduled after Covid restrictions are lifted
  • Lodrö Sangpo will continue his on-line teachings. New classes on the Vajrayogini daily sadhana and on the absolute bodhicitta slogans are already scheduled January.
  • We will continue with phase 2 of our “Shamatha meditation instructor training”
  • We will continue to pursue our standard activities as set up in previous years and to work together with the other Buddhist groups in the wider Halifax area.


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