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Three Welcomes

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Welcome to our website. Here you can learn about the vision, activities and monthly schedule of Karma Changchub Ling. Please feel free to join us so that we can grow into a mutually supportive and enriching Buddhist community based on the Karma Kagyü and Nyingma traditions.

Welcome also to Fall River, a suburb of Halifax (Nova Scotia). Here we found in December 2015 a beautiful and peaceful home surrounded by friendly neighbors and much greenery.

Welcome in particular to the Karma Kagyü and Nyingma lineages, namely, to the group of our main spiritual advisors, that is, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Dzogchen Pönlop Rinpoche and Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche, as well as to the teachers who greatly inspire us, that is, the V.V. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche and the late V.V. Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, but also to all the other teachers and practitioners of the genuine Buddhadharma involved with creating enlightened society in our modern world.

The name Karma Changchub Ling was bestowed on our meditation center by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa in May, 2015, and means, in English, Karma Kagyü Enlightenment Dharma Place. 

In January 2016 we received the good news of having received charity status which will further help us to put KCCL on a solid financial basis. As for how to help, please see the column “Nuts and Bolts”. 

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The Main Vision

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In brief: We see KCCL as an expression of our devotion to the growth and deepening of the practice and teachings of the Karma Kagyü lineage and its ties with the Nyingma lineage. We will continually seek and follow the spiritual guidance of our group of spiritual advisors and along the lines established by the V.V. Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and the V.V. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.

More specifically, our present overall vision is that KCCL will be centered around three main tracks: 

1) “Mindfulness track” with emphasis on “Just Sitting” as well as Shamatha-Vipashyana Mahamudra; 

2) “Vajrayana track” with a present emphasis on Vajrayoginī practice and Chakrasaṃvara practice; 

3) “Monastic track” (optional); 

These three major tracks are complemented by an additional entry level (that includes ngöndro) to introduce those needing entry and guidance into the three major tracks. But even though our vision for KCCL is based on the three mentioned main tracks, we are open to adjust to the needs of the wider Buddhist Sangha in Halifax and Nova Scotia. Read more

Nuts and Bolts


Having moved to Fall River in December, we had the chance to settle and establish many of the basic features that one usually takes for granted.

In terms of “hardware”, this involved buying a car, getting additional furniture, making puja tables and beds, getting our kitchen set up, our library, phone system, e-mail, website, etc.

In terms of running our day-to-day life, it involved establishing our daily and monthly schedule which manifests in regard to our three main tracks in the following way:

1) daily afternoon Shamatha-Vipashyana Mahamudra practice; a monthly one-day Shamatha-Vipashyana Mahamudra Intensive (SVMI); a bi-monthly Sadhana of Mahamudra practice;

2) daily Vajrayoginī or Chakrasaṃvara morning practice; Vajrayoginī feast and Chakrasaṃvara feast practice; a monthly two-day Vajrayoginī or Chakrasaṃvara Weekend Intensive;

3) bi-monthly Sojong practice; a monthly monastic training day.

Besides special additional celebratory days, like Milarepa day, etc., the events listed will be our main ways of engaging with the Halifax and Nova Scotia community.

But since our transition period seems to be coming slowly to an end, we feel that we are now ready to open up our doors to others even further. Read more

1.  Two beginners courses:

Mindfulness beginners course (monthly class):

Meditating-Arhat-620x466This beginners evening class (7 pm to 8:30 pm) is an every month occurring event mainly geared towards completely new beginners to mindfulness practice (= shamatha-vipashyana) or those with some experience of it or those who feel that it would be good for them to receive a “refresher” of the basic instruction as taught by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. At the same time, this class is also part of our entry level track, introducing people to our Mindfulness track and our monthly Shamatha-Vipashyana Mahāmudrā Intensive. The March 24 (Thursday) class will include basic meditation instruction and future classes will include it if needed. First time meditation instruction and ongoing meditation instruction can also be received on request.

Kagyü Ngöndro overview course (2 classes):

tree-1This beginners evening class (7 pm to 8:30 pm) is mainly geared towards people who have had for some time a good exposure to shamatha-vipashyana practice and have a good connection with the Karma Kagyü lineage.The class will give a general overview of the Kagyü preliminary practices (ngöndro) and is geared towards preparing people to receive ngöndro transmission. After finishing the Kagyü ngöndro, people will be eligible to receive Vajrayoginī abhiṣheka. 

Activities in March

4. March (Friday): Vajrayogini Feast.

8. March (Tuesday): Sojong & Sādhana of Mahāmudrā & Monastic Training Day.

12.–13. March (Saturday and Sunday): 

Vajrayoginī Weekend Intensive & talk by Lodrö Sangpo:

“Once again, self-visualization & principles of visualization”. more

18. March (Friday): Chakrasaṃvara Feast (more).

23. March (Wednesday): Sojong (more& Sadhana of Mahāmudrā (more).

24. March (Thursday): Mindfulness Beginners Course (more).

27. March (Sunday): Shamatha-Vipashyana 

Mahamudra Intensive & talk by guest teacher  (more).

31. March (Thursday): Kagyü Ngöndro Overview 

Course (class 1 of 2) (more)

We have Mindfulness practice every Wednesday from 8 am to 11 pm. 

Otherwise, we practice Vajrayoginī and Chakrasaṃvara daily. 

As for which practice is practiced when, click here.


As for our daily schedule, click here


As for our entire March and April monthly schedules, click here.

2.   Ready to move in with us?

moving-boxes1-300x293We are looking for two more people (preferably tantrikas) to move in with us at KCCL. If you are interested, please contact us: 



3.   How to reach us & how we can reach you

michelangelo-the-hands-of-god-and-man.croppedThe best way to reach us find out about us and our activities is via our website URL: kccl.ca, but you can also reach us via other social media, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc. See the options at the bottom of our homepage, where you will also find various buttons to share a webpage, column or info provided by our webpage with others. 

As for us reaching you, if you want to be contacted and informed about our activities, monthly schedule, special events, etc., please enter your e-mail address in the provided field at the bottom of this homepage and check off your preferred way of being notified.

2016 – Karma Changchub Ling, 5 Laura Court, Fall River Nova Scotia B2T 1H7 Canada – Tel.: 902-576-3655 – E-mail: kccl.contact@gmail.com

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