When Master Hai Tao’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, he vowed to take the monastic path and became devoted to selflessness. Each year he leads many pilgrimages to sacred sites in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. Although his teachings originated form the Mahāyāna tradition, the Master combines different Buddhist traditions in his dharma practice (Hīnayāna and Vajrayāna). He has devoted his compassion to disaster relief, aiding single-parents and low income families, dog rescue, animal sanctuaries, religious programs in prisons, free vegan meals to the poor and street people, and acting as a spiritual leader around the world.

Master Hai Tao first visited Halifax in 2015 to conduct a puja gathering in dedication to victims of the historic Titanic sinking, Halifax Explosion, Swiss Air 111, Chinese workers who died in Canada when building the Canadian Pacific Railway in later 1800’s, and more. Now he turns aga