What has happened so far? How is KCCL financially supported?

Since we moved to Fall River last December, we have had the opportunity to settle in. This involved buying a car, getting additional furniture, making puja tables and beds, setting up our kitchen, our library, phone system, e-mail, website, charitable status, and more.

We have established our daily and monthly schedules, which reflect our three main tracks:

Mindfulness practice:

  • daily 5:00–6:00 pm
  • weekly (Wednesday) 8:00–11:00 am
  • bi-monthly Sādhana of Mahāmudrā practice;
  • monthly one-day Shamatha-Vipashyanā Mahāmudrā intensive

Vajrayāna practice:

  • daily Vajrayoginī or Chakrasaṃvara morning practice
  • bi-monthly Vajrayoginī feast and Chakrasaṃvara feast practice
  • monthly two-day Vajrayoginī and/or Chakrasaṃvara weekend intensive

Monastic practice:

  • bi-monthly Sojong ceremony
  • mo