What has happened so far? How is KCCL financially supported?

Since we moved to Fall River last December, we have had the opportunity to settle in. This involved buying a car, getting additional furniture, making puja tables and beds, setting up our kitchen, our library, phone system, e-mail, website, charitable status, and more.

We have established our daily and monthly schedules, which reflect our three main tracks:

Mindfulness practice:

  • daily 5:00–6:00 pm
  • weekly (Wednesday) 8:00–11:00 am
  • bi-monthly Sādhana of Mahāmudrā practice;
  • monthly one-day Shamatha-Vipashyanā Mahāmudrā intensive

Vajrayāna practice:

  • daily Vajrayoginī or Chakrasaṃvara morning practice
  • bi-monthly Vajrayoginī feast and Chakrasaṃvara feast practice
  • monthly two-day Vajrayoginī and/or Chakrasaṃvara weekend intensive

Monastic practice:

  • bi-monthly Sojong ceremony
  • monthly monastic training day
  • yearly week-long training seminar

Please see our Activities menu for specific events.

When space is available, KCCL will also offer individual and in-house retreats.

But how is KCCL supported financially? What about the future?

When we moved to Fall River, we received some donations, which helped us cover some of the costs for setting up. We also covered start-up and transition costs for the first three months through our own financial resources.

But since our group consists mainly of monastics, and our aspiration is that KCCL grow further and be of benefit to others, we are now establishing and cultivating a donor base so that KCCL can continue in the future and provide space for people to join.

As monastics we do not need much personally. At the same time, our life at KCCL is geared toward serving others. To maintain a center that provides an uplifted space for others to join in, we need additional financial backing. We invite you to financially support us, if you have the means and willingness to do so. All donations from Canada and the US are tax deductible.