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Chötrul Düchen Day (Great Day of Miraculous Manifestations):

This will be a joint event between Nalandabodhi Halifax and KCCL. Please join us here at KCCL — between 10am and 12:30pm — in the feast practice of the Buddha Sadhana for a celebration of Chötrul Düchen (Festival of the Buddha’s Great Miracles).

Suggested contribution for lunch: $10. The event itself is for free.

Brief description of Chötrul Düchen:


There are four main anniversaries of Lord Buddha in the Vajrayana tradition.

The first is Chötrul Düchen. “Düchen” in Tibetan, means the great occasions, marking the four great deeds of the Buddha; “Chötrul” means miracle. Chötrul Düchen falls on the First full moon of the Tibetan lunar year and celebrates the time when the Buddha is said to have displayed a different miracle each day, from the first to the fifteen day, to heighten faith and devotion of his disciples as well as to convince and inspire heretics.

On that day, it is said that the consequences of one’s positive and/or negative actions increase 10,000,000 times.