Brief Update & Annual Appeal

Dear friends of KCCL

2021 has been both a challenging and rewarding year for us as we continue to work with the effects of the pandemic. In spite of the difficulties, we were able to celebrate the purchase of 871 Young Avenue — close to the much visited Point Pleasant Park as well as Trungpa Rinpoche’s court — made possible by the incredible generosity of the Buddhist sangha.

Immediately upon moving in on April 25, we then began the process of unpacking, some painting and yardwork, and the planning required for the renovations needed to establish Karma Changchub Ling as an urban centre suited to serve the needs of a wider mahasangha.

Phase One of the construction project was started, under the direction of long-time sangha member, Gary Brown, immediately after the purchase was finalized on June 28. This has included a new main floor shrine room, fire code improvements mandated by the city, painting, much needed grounds and landscaping work, including a zen garden and five pagodas — greatly appreciated by our neighbors and many people passing by — plus switching to heat pumps for the main and garden level floors!

Here is a link to a visual tour (produced by Bob Zimmerman) so that you can see what has been accomplished and is in the works. All of this was completed at lower cost than estimated due to the extensive volunteer efforts and donations of furnishings and materials by local sangha members.

During the construction activity KCCL has continued its operations as much as possible. We hosted the majority of the online Vajrayogini and Chakrasamvara feasts during 2021 in cooperation with Ocean. While Covid has limited the in-person feast attendance it has also provided an opportunity for KCCL to interact with and support the vajra sangha throughout North America. Additionally, Lodro Sangpo