We Have Moved In !

And it feels great to be so close with many of you and have your support, whether near or far. 

Since pictures often speak more than words, here are a few photos of the outside and inside of 871 Young Avenue.
As for our location, we are a one minute walk away from where Trungpa Rinpoche lived before passing away, and a two minutes walk away from the lovely Point Pleasant Park which was once the most sacred ground for the native Mi’kmaq. We found out that in the olden days the area of downtown Halifax up to Point Pleasant Park was known to the Mi’kmaq as “Amntu’kati”, which in English means “spirit place” or “the place of spirits” where every year the Mi’kmaq would come and gather at Amntu’kati for 7 days in the spring.
We also want to use here the opportunity to thank everyone who helped us in the last months and years.
Something is in the air, and we have just done the first step.