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The Way in which the Rituals Purify the Obscurations to Buddha Nature

Wednesday, February 26, from 7:00–8:30pm

Description: The main topic of this class will be Lodrö Thaye’s discussion the four topics of the generation stage: (1) the basis of purification, i.e., buddha nature; (2) that which is to be purified, i.e., the obscurations to this nature; (3) that which purifies, i.e., the different methods of deity practice; (4) the result of this process of purification, i.e., the state of Vajradhara
Who can attend: Whoever has received pointing out instruction from a qualified master.
Source materials: The study materials for the class will be provided (cost: $10 for the source book).
Suggested contribution: $5 for each class. $5 for receiving the lung (if not previously received)