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Vajrayogini in a Nutshell 
With Lodrö Sangpo
Hosted by: OCEAN and KCCL

Bi-Weekly 8-Class Online Series begins Monday June 8
from 7:00–8:30pm (Nova Scotia Time) or 6:00–7:30pm Eastern Daylight Time

The goal of this Vajrayogini Online Class Series is to provide a bird’s eye view of the entire Vajrayogini sadhana, including abhisheka section and feast section.
This bi-weekly 8-class series will cover the following topics:

  • Brief historical background and presentation of the lineage of the Vajrayogini practice;
  • The Vajrayogini principle and what it means “to arise as” or “to be” Vajrayogini during sadhana practice;
  • The inseparability of the three types of Vajrayogini as presented by the Sixth Karmapa, Tongwa Töndon, the composer of our Vajrayogini sadhana;
  • The visualization of the protection circle & the body of Vajrayogini & the sources of dharmas & the principle of visualization;
  • Self-visualization, vase-visualization and front-visualization: what is common, what is different;
  • Four ways of working with kleshas;
  • Hand-offering;
  • Four Offerings and four Praises;
  • The preliminaries